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Soul Circus

Novel based on original screenplay. Project currently on hold.

This high-spirited and genre defying story moves us from place to place with cinematic dash.  A modern tale of magic realism, it combines the best aspects of a road trip and romance while darting in and out of the lives of colorful, modern-day American characters.

     Orphaned at a young age and running from trouble, eleven year old Issa O’Connor hits the mean streets of 1980’s New York City to make a living - as a psychic imbued since birth with precognition. Issa’s business manager is her sister; the upwardly mobile, sixteen years old Stephanie. She’s as adept at moving forward in the world of mundane reality as Issa is in the unseen world of hidden knowledge.

     After more trouble in New York, Stephanie leads them to Chicago, her new lover and financial advantage. This book ends at Jack’s Truck Heaven when Issa is twenty-five years old. After a stretch of homelessness, she’s in a surprising new romance and and finally meets Hiding Bear, the Apache who’s been watching over her since she was a child.

     Readers who believe life is full of mystery, will love the serendipity, spiritual energy and positive message of this engaging first novel. 

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