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The Plunge: An Unexpected Adventure in Love

Book Length Literary Memoir - Completed

A man and a woman meet in a swimming pool and find each other attractive and interesting. They’re healthy, active and in their sixties. Friendship leads to deeper questions but she never asks where his children came from. Perhaps his urchins were sea urchins, harvested from the ocean floor. She’s never been in love before and wonders what all the fuss is about. When she finds out he’s married, she asks herself how she could not have known.  He didn’t wear a wedding ring but looked cared for as only a married man could. Should she play it safe and swim away? He’s never s­tepped out and she’s never trespassed. She closes her eyes, dunks her head back in the water but when she opens them, he’s still there, with that face she could look at forever.

How will the narrator's colorful backstory and current practice in Tibetan Buddhism affect her decisions?

The first chapter of The Plunge was longlisted for the CBC 2017 Nonfiction Prize.


A story of great risk, healing and humor, please watch this space for future announcements. 

Book proposal also complete. Agent solicitation in progress.

Reader's buzz:


"I appreciate Rena's clear, clean and descriptive writing style. She has a natural, intimate voice that pulls the reader in." - Angela K.

"The narrator is bright and articulate and although the escapades are crazy, we trust that she will make it through. The strongest points are characterization and dialogue." -  Lara J.

"The details into her character are formidable." - Dhana M

The Plunge book cover Feb 2019 low res.j
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