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Girl in Landscape: One Toasty Party

When I arrived at Yaana Dancer’s reading/party last Saturday night, she had moved the festivities to the corner of Woodland and Graveley and announced it with screaming sirens, large red trucks and handsome men clad in yellow slickers. Women were calmly assembled on the curb, drinking wine and catching up on each other’s lives while smoke floated out of the second level of the building she usually inhabits.

Just in time for her guests arriving, a neighbor had left a pot on the stove and the nasty, acrid smoke permeated into Yaana’s unit, along with the sound of industrial strength fans to blow it all away. After the firemen left and all was declared safe but smelly, platters of food and drinks were carried down to the lower floor where a couple of kindly friends hosted Yaana’s “Girl in Landscape” readings.

The readers were all introduced by Yaana and each one brought a firm sense of place, each piece written with a strong girl’s voice. Yaana read first, followed by Lara Janze and Rua Mercier. The readings took us to the North Shore, Cape Breton and New Zealand.

Mark your calendar for the next exciting reading: Sept 27 @ 7pm Updates on theme and readers will be announced in her email. Please get on the list by sending a note to

“I plan to host more of these themed readings. I hope it doesn't bring on fire, flood, and earthquake.” - Yaana

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