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When the numbers add up

3 years of writing + 3 years of rewriting + 1 full manuscript review in 2019 + 5 copies to beta readers + 1 more year of rewrites + 1 more manuscript review in 2021 + 2 more months of polishing = time to find agent representation! After careful research and deep consideration into exactly the type of agent I'd like to work with, I can confidently say my query letter for The Plunge: An Unexpected Adventure in Love is sitting in some premier inboxes right now.

I'm hoping to attract a fan of literary memoir with a mature, sophisticated view of the world. Someone with a life well-lived who will appreciate what I have to say and how I've chosen to say it. I imagine the agent to be a woman because I believe my readership will be skewed toward those of the female persuasion. And I believe the agent will sell to a woman editor for the same reasons. For someone to champion my work, they will need to be savvy, independent thinkers who know what they like and are willing to stand behind work that some might find controversial. I'm excited about forming a relationship with this person and working together to put out the best version of my work possible. I'm hoping to report more numbers in the future, so watch this space!


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