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Diving into The Plunge

New writers want to tell their stories. All their stories and all at once. Those were the seeds I planted in what was to be my first memoir called Infallible. They sprouted and grew some interest. One of the chapters found publication. But in the end, the only thing to do was to grab those stories by the roots and yank.

Because no writing is ever wasted, those stubby bits of new growth have now found a more fertile home. Wild stories with no containers, they were like an overgrown corner lot masquerading as a cultivated garden.

It's time to switch metaphors from tightly-packed earth to free-flowing water. The Plunge is the container for those unruly seedlings; shaped by the new work they are backstory for: a work about love that has taken me longer to find than to write about.

The Plunge: A Story of Forbidden Love. A unexpected, true-life narrative completely at odds with the first sixty years of my life. A tale with passion, lust, caring, surprise, frustration and at times, both wonder and anger mixed together into a heart-wrenching confluence of emotion. But mostly love. Soul-stirring, deeply counter-intuitive love. And hopefully, an enlightened view of mature romance.

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