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Next step complete: Agent Submittal

Earlier this month, I emailed both agents who requested my work and told them they'd have it today. Trained to meet deadlines early in life, this now motivates my writing.

The graphic bio was created to show a possible cover and also hide the lack of content. That will change. In addition, the full manuscript was sent to one agent, 3 chapters to another. Synopsis, chapter synopsis and a comparison study were also submitted.

Writing a comparison study of other memoirs was tricky. In the past few years I've read dozens. Some literary non-fiction and some not. The study is to help an agent understand how your work fits into the market.

This submittal is an important step with an outcome that won't readily be known. There may very well be more rewrites and more agent shopping ahead. For now, here's my "elevator pitch":

I was an ambitious young interior designer, living a life of freedom and novelty in 1980s San Francisco, but with a past I’d been careful to hide. Then the violence started: four attacks in two years, the last almost fatal. Searching for help, I met a one-armed astrologer who told me I had the most difficult chart he’d ever seen. While his guidance helped me move forward in life, he saw thirty difficult years ahead and tried to prepare me for them. What would I believe and which of his prophecies came true? How did one influence the other and how did I eventually engage the life he saw for me? These questions and more get answered in Infallible: A Modern Mystical Memoir.


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